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Carefree Entertainments understand that in planning your wedding reception you have lots of things to organise, and & do, on occasions, get asked to give an example of the running order of a Wedding Reception and the role in which the Mobile Disco plays in ensuring that your special day is a success.

All audiences are different, and a lot of what played will depend on 'reading' the audience and watching the reaction on the dancefloor, no DJ, however experienced, can predict an exact playlist in advance of your own function since musical taste is as individual to each person.

At Wedding Receptions, or indeed any function with a mixed aged audience i usually try and avoid anything too specialised, or Genre's such as Heavy Metal, Rap, Trance and non commercial Dance Music unless specifically requested by the client (where they believe that it would be appreciated by their guests). Of course, i do tailor the music to the age range of the audience, and so if you do have an audience consisting of mainly Younger Guests then the playlist will be tailored accordingly, and exactly the same for older age groups as well.

It is tradition at Wedding Receptions, for the Bride and Groom to have the first dance, and this usually signals the start of the actual disco. If you have invited Evening Guests, who may not have attended the actual Wedding Ceremony, then it is often advisable to leave the first dance until the majority of the guests have arrived, and suitable background music is played during this period. Best man usually signals when the Bride & Groom are ready for the first dance to begin.

When deciding on the duration of your function, it is advisable to bear in mind that you and some of your guests may have been in attendance since the wedding ceremony in the early afternoon and so this should be taken into consideration when deciding the finishing time. Often, older guests, or those with young children will usually leave before the end of the Evening, and so consider whether a 1AM finish would be appropriate for the majority of your guests or whether a Midnight or 12.30 finish would be more widely acceptable, final price will be established once finishing time has been established & agreed.

The Running order of the actual disco depends largely on your booking with the wedding venue, and any Buffet or Dining arrangement. Obviously if you have arranged a meal/ buffet during the evening then you should allow for a little flexibility in your Evening arrangements, since, in our experience events such as the meal itself, and speeches etc can tend to overrun a little. If you have invited Evening Guests, then you should also allow at least 45 mins beyond the time stated on the Wedding Invitations for everyone to arrive, so it isn't advisable to plan your first dance too early.

This is a typical running order, assuming 19.30pm - 23.59

18.45 - Disco arrives at the Venue / Set up

19.30 - Background Music whilst Evening Guests Arrive

20.30 - Bride and Groom's First Dance & Disco Starts

21.00 - Buffet

22.00 - Disco

23.59 - Last Dance and Evening Ends

Again, it is difficult to set any form of firm running order and so you should allow some deviation during the function to allow for earlier events which may have over-run or guests who may be running late.

Carefree Entertainments hope that you have found this information useful in planning your wedding reception, and look forward to your enquiry, and perhaps providing my disco service to you very soon.

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